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Career Guidance Lesson Plan

Consider a scenario in which you are a school counselor and you have been asked to develop a lesson plan pertaining to career development at either the elementary, middle, or high school level.

Develop a lesson plan that includes the following:
Objectives of program.
Behavioral outcomes that can be measured.
Materials and resources.
Action steps.
Evaluation strategies.

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To create your own unique lesson plan I would first research some different types of career development lesson plans that are already available out there to get some ideas. In doing so, you can find something that will be of interest to both you and your students. With this said, I have attached the following lesson plan that I retrieved from the "Power To Learn" website. I will guide you through the elements needed and tweek on this plan to create a plan of my own for an example.

Title: Career Step Action Plan for High School

Materials and Resources:
Internet, career day visitors ...

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Lesson plan designed to help students investigate career choices.