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Instructional Design: Internet-Controlled Robot

I just need some guidance with this project.

Using the reading article come up with discussion questions you might ask a class if you were teaching the class.

The Instructional Design Portfolio
Using an Internet-Controlled Robot to Facilitate Learning
By David Thornton, Stephen W. Armstrong and Mario Aguilar

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I am assuming that you will be teaching a class of adults about this particular reading in which they had to read the article as part of a homework (or class work) assignment and then be prepared for your discussion on it. If I misunderstood this and helped you with the wrong thing, please send me a message and I can redo this again for you!

First, you can ask the class what they think the goal of the project is. (It is to provide a new tool called the ROW as a teaching aid. This tool is supposed to achieve educator?s curriculum goals by keeping their students interested and actively engaged in the learning process.

How does the ...

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The instructional design for internet controlled robot is examined.