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Instructional Technologies and Online Learning Short Essay

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Your organization has an existing website, but it is considering adding instructional modules. Consequently, you have been asked to describe the requirements of designing and developing instructional modules for online delivery.

Therefore, for this assignment, consider the unique constraints of the Internet as it applies to online learning modules. Specifically, consider how bandwidth may affect the design and development of your multimedia components (e.g., audio, images, video, etc.) and subsequently may affect your selection of instructional strategies.

In addition, address how these changes may affect your targeted learners, developmental plan, technical requirements, project scope, and any other design or delivery factors you believe are important.

Finally, because these modules are intended to be part of a dynamic learning environment on the Internet, describe how you could integrate synchronous and/or asynchronous technologies (e.g., chats, discussion boards, blogs, wikis, and more) into your learning environment to promote collaboration.

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