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Evaluation and Professional Development for Online Instruction

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1. Explain how online instructors might use evaluation to measure the effectiveness of their instruction.
2. Describe two actions that you can take (as a future online instructor) to engage in professional development.
3. Explain how the two actions that you described might contribute to a positive student experience in the online classroom.

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The increase in popularity of online classes and programs has illuminated challenges unique to remote teaching. Incorporating 21st century learning skills is imperative as an online instructor. Online instructors may utilize student achievement to measure the effectiveness of their instruction. Consider the various methods that results of students' work will have on the impact of instructional design. For example, if students demonstrate mastery of the content material, this would suggest effective teaching and learning is occurring. However, if students are struggling with success within the curriculum, this will require modification of lesson plans, reteaching and review, and/or alternate instructional strategies.

Assessments are measurable indicators of effective teaching. Online instruction requires a constructivist approach; often including project-based learning experiences with real world applications. ...

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Methods of evaluation online instructors may utilize to measure the effectiveness of instruction and professional development actions are discussed in relation to the positive impact on student learning and positive experiences within a virtual classroom.