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Jul 2014
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  • BEd, Plattsburgh State University, 2002
  • MEd, Plattsburgh State University, 2003


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Literature Review: Differentiated Instruction and Learning Disabilities

Explore the historical, conceptual, and cultural foundations of learning disabilities and evaluate contemporary issues pertaining to educational services focused on students and youth with learning disabilities or learning deficits. Incorporate differentiated instruction. This is part of a professio READ MORE »

Education / Special Education and Learning Difficulties / Social & Economic Status » 588166

Evaluation and Professional Development for Online Instruction

1. Explain how online instructors might use evaluation to measure the effectiveness of their instruction.
2. Describe two actions that you can take (as a future online instructor) to engage in professional development.
3. Explain how the two actions that you described might contribute to a positiv READ MORE »

Education / Evaluation & Assessment » 593663

Learning Disabilities and the Eligibility Process

Explain the definition of learning disabilities. How does this definition drive the eligibility process for students suspected of having a learning disability? Include references.

Education / Learning & Teaching / Learning Styles & Theories » 594447

Program Evaluation - Background Information

Assume you are a program evaluator how do you get background information on the program? what strategies might utilize to distribute the results of your evaluation?

Education / Evaluation & Assessment / Comparative Education » 586839

Special Education Terms

Part 200 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, Students with Disabilities, is divided into six sections.
Each part includes several definitions and terms that are imperative to understand.

Brief description of the key definitions contained in Section 200.1, including:
- Annual Re READ MORE »

Education / Special Education and Learning Difficulties » 599442
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