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    Family Involvement

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    Sometimes family members will not fully understand the purpose of or processes related to learning plans, and because of this, they may not want to participate. What are some reasons why this might be the case? How might you approach such families in a way that is caring, compassionate, and sensitive to their needs? How does this attitude relate to the Christian worldview?

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    Hello. This is an interesting and important topic to explore.

    There are benefits to improving and increasing involvement from students' families. There are several barriers that may impact family participation, including but not limited to, the following: language and/or cultural beliefs, resources being limited (financial and/or time), tension resulting from past negative experiences, and families not feeling comfortable for a multitude of other situations.

    Families may not completely comprehend the need for learning plans and the steps to implement. This could be a new experience. It is imperative for families to be invited to all meetings and explained that families are an integral of a part of students' educational team.

    There are many positive approaches to increase families' comfort participating in school meetings and functions. One important method is to communicate frequently! Sometimes, ...

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    Briefly explains methods to promote family and parental involvement. Identifies the Christian worldview and impact on the educational setting.