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    Epsteins' model of family involvement

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    Give examples how a teacher/school can encourage:
    Parenting Knowledge and Skills, Communication Between the Home and School,
    Volunteering at the School and in the Community, Supporting Student Learning at Home
    Involvement in Decision Making and Advocacy, Collaboration with the Community

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    Parent, Family and Community Involvement (Teacher to School Perspective):

    1) Parenting Knowledge and Skills- attend parenting workshops, read parenting books, join family community centers and support each other on child rearing/parenting; attend educational events; festival; fairs where parenting information/research may be given

    2) Communication between the Home and School- parent/teacher conferences, attend award shows and events, open communication with teachers, parents, administration and principal of school; write notes to each other, progress reports; phone conferences

    3) Volunteering at the School and in the Community- assist in school events, fundraising, or parties; read ...

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    Epsteins' model of family involvement is contextualized.