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Low Income Prevention

This posting chooses a prevention strategy and explains how it is applicable to low income families and individuals.

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As you choose a prevention strategy and explain how it is applicable to low-income families and individuals, I propose a focus on Latino high school dropouts and their families. Why has the dropout rate among Latino students remained so high? "Poverty is one explanation; dropout rates are strongly correlated with parents' socioeconomic status" (

As you devise a solution for resolving this issue or lessening the problem, you might include data that illustrates a need for your solution. For example, I recommend researching data about the high incidence of Hispanic dropouts. Some experts estimate the dropout rate for this target group is high as 28% ( Data also estimates the dropout rate "for foreign born Hispanics living in the U.S. is an astonishing 44% ( Thus, you need to show a need for your proposal.

As you suggest a solution for resolving this issue or lessening the problem, this issue is vast. However, you might suggest a combination of mentoring programs, individual and group counseling, increased family involvement in school/home partnerships, cultural & recreational enrichment, family literacy and language workshops, and after-school or Saturday programs. Because research shows that "Parent involvement in a child's education is crucial for ...

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This posting examines how to prevent Hispanic dropouts.