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Public Health Spending: Advantages/Disadvantages

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What is the biggest advantage and biggest disadvantage of public health spending? I need to provide support to back the claims as well.

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The biggest advantage of public health spending is the ability to provide large amounts of money to address national concerns of immediate health problems, which particularly help low income communities. Money from public health is focused on addressing communicable diseases, like the flu, or West Nile virus, for instance (Haberkorn, 2012). A follow up to a study presented at the 2013 American Public Healthy Association Annual Meeting "found that low-income communities experience the largest health and economic gains with respect to increases in local public health spending" (Robert Woods Foundation, 2013). By focusing on curtailing the spread of communicable diseases, public health care is taking immediate action to cut the threat of a national ...

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This solution addresses the biggest advantage and disadvantage of our current health care spending programs, and includes APA formatted references.

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