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Advantages and Disadvantages of Certificates of Need

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THis article examines the certificate of Need(CON): State Health Laws and Programs article, and states several advantages and disadvantages from the healthcare organization's perspective for requiring a Certificate of Need (CON). Finally, the article also Identifies several states that require a CON be submitted to state and regional review agencies for any new or upgraded healthcare facilities.

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Certificates of Need or CONs are based on an objective analysis of a community's needs, Many opponents of CONs have claimed that in some cases, CONs have been issued based on ties, connections, political influence, bribes etc., and so this goes against the main premise or purpose of CONs which is and should be acting in the best interests of the community.

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Certificate of Need (CON): State Health Laws and Programs

CON's first started in 1964, in the State of New York. The CON granted the state government power to determine whether there was a need for any new hospital or nursing home before construction approval. Four years later the American Hospital Association (AHA) expressed an interest in the CON laws. The association (AHA), then started a national campaign for other states to generate their own CON laws, and so by 1975, 20 states had generated and enacted their own CON laws. By the year 1978, 36 states in total had enacted CONs.

Some Advantages of CON's
1.One of the main advantages many believe is the fact that CON programs limit health-care spending, and promote competition while maintaining lower costs for treatment services in general.

2.CON programs as they tend to allocate or make allowance for more and even distribution of care (more access) to areas that are known previously to b underserved and ignored by new medical centers. As such, ...

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