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Advantages and disadvantages of cell phones in the office

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1.What protocols does a company use and why?

2.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of mobile email and text messaging in the work place.

3.What is a company's fully qualified domain name and what is the significance of the .*** at the end.

4.What are some of the concerns about using the Internet for financial business such as banking and buy-online services? What are some of the things the industry has done to control these issues?

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1. A company uses its own Standard Operating Procedures and company rules as its protocols. This is to ensure that everybody, from the owners and top management to the employees, follows the rules that will provide harmony, productivity, and order within the company.

If the protocols being pertained in the question are about computer protocols, then a company normally uses network protocols such as TCP/IP and IEEE 802.11. These protocols provide local area networks within the company, as well as data communications from outside, such as Internet and e-mails.

2. Advantages are:
- No need for wires or cables to be able to communicate.
- Devices such as mobile phones ...

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