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Portable Input Devices in Hospital System

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Your hospital system has decided to purchase portable input devices for use by clinical personnel to document care at the bedside or diagnostic areas. Using proper information system terminology, explain different types, advantages, and disadvantages of portable input devices. Be sure to include the following information :
- Definition of portable input device
- Advantages/disadvantages of utilization
Need 1 page and 2 reliable resources, APA format with references

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Inputs devices are used to send messages to a computer to process the data that has been entered. The main devices which are used for this purpose are the mouse and keyboard. This is the starting point for the computer to process the input. Portable input devices are being used in healthcare, enabling nurses to collect data such as a patient's vitals. It is a substitute for writing the data and feeding it into computer and saves time as the information can be directly sent to computer. Examples of portable input devices include personal ...

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The expert examines portable input devices in hospital systems. The advantages and disadvantages of utilization are determined.

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