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1. Choose 20 of the primary terms and 5 secondary terms relating to computers
2. Write complete definitions of each term

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1. Mobile computer - These are personal computers that any person can carry with ease from one destination to the next.
2. Mobile device - Computer devices such as smart phones that are hand held computer devices.
3. Mobile users - The demographic of computer users that rely on computer technology that can be used anywhere.
4. Network - The collusion of computers and devices connected together in one single place or system
5. Notebook computer - Personal computers that are able to be carried and also able to fit in a users' lap, book bag, or other areas because of their size..
6. PDA - This device is a personal manager that allows users to micromanage calendar appointments and important dates.
7. Personal computer -Computers that don't need any assistance or guidance from the user to perform functions such ...

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The expert chooses 20 of the primary terms and five secondary terms relating to computers. Complete definitions of each term are provided.

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