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Information System Hardware and Software

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Visit a local retail computer store. Spend at least 1 hour observing the latest products in storage, input and output devices and software. Addressing the following

1. Did the store have products that represented each major component of an information system? Name a current product that represents each major system component.
i. input
ii. Storage
iii. Output

2. From the store's software section, identify a current product for
a. Systems software
b. Application software

3. Consider a business use of the application software you described. How would you use the software? Name each of the hardware and/or software components that would be required to fully utilize this application.

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Name a current product that represents each major system component.
i. input - there are many input items in the store that clarify as input. Just to give an idea, and input component is anything that can get data into the computer. They are low key such as mouse and keyboards, but then move on to more sophisticated items such as: digital cameras, scanners, smart touch pads, joysticks, web cameras...

So one current digital camera is the Canon 30D EOS 8.2MP Digital Camera. "Canon's EOS 30D brings proven EOS technology to a great level, giving photographers an unbeatable photographic experience. The EOS 30D includes enhanced operational features such as a 2.5 inch LCD monitor, true spot metering, a durable shutter mechanism and Canon's Picture Style feature, all in a sturdy, magnesium-clad body"

ii. Storage - this is a component that allows you to store your information. So you imputed the data, the computer then processes it, and turns it into information. You take a digital image, and you input the information to the computer. Then you want to store it. There are many options - you can burn it on CD or ...

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This posting looks at a digital camera, and looks at it in terms of it's major components in the information system. It also looks at software, and applications of the software.