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    E-mail Communication

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    What are some advantages and disadvantages of sending e-mail to communicate within your organization?
    Do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages?
    What type of business communication must avoid the use of e-mail?

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    Advantages of Email:

    ? Easy to use as it helps manage contacts, messages and store important information
    ? Fast delivery/speed as it is delivered instantly
    ? Easier to prioritize due to the subject lines that can easily be seen in the inbox
    ? Reliable and secure as one has to use own username and password
    ? Informational and conversational as it uses simple language
    ? Automated emails such as autoresponders can be used
    ? Environment friendly as there is no need to use paper to send messages
    ? Graphics improve and motivates the receiver
    ? Good to be used as an advertising tool
    ? Other advantages: cheap, accessible anywhere, global, ability to attach files and images; saves cost; can be personalized

    Disadvantages of Email:

    ? Viruses can be received from emails which can harm the computer system ...

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