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    Professional Communication in the Workplace: Using Email vs Email Attachments

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    * Imagine this situation and then respond: A co-worker needs to communicate some work-related bad news but has never done this before. This person knows that you are taking a course in professional communication and e-mails you asking for help. You need to respond quickly, and for various reasons, e-mail is the best way to respond. Would you send your co-worker instructions as a document attached to an e-mail message or simply provide the information in the text of an e-mail? Share some of the factors that would influence your approach.

    * Almost everyone uses e-mail in the workplace but not everyone uses it effectively. What are some of the problems that you have noticed with e-mail in your workplace? To support your response, do a library database search for "e-mail in the workplace" or conduct an Internet research. Share with the class how the resource you found can help us understand effective e-mail uses.

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    You would send it as an attachment so that your response doesn't accidentally get forwarded to someone you or the other person do not want to see the email. I would use the attachment because when you open it, you can decide whether or not the information is good advice. If ...

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