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    Workplace communication opportunities

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    1) Please provide a professional communication style.
    2) Provide your professional communication strengths.
    3) Provide some communication opportunities—how can you improve your communication skills?
    4) Present how one prefers to receive communication within a workplace.
    5) Present a professional workplace example of when a phone call might be better than an email.
    6) Present whether or not you believe that texting and instant messaging can be valuable in the workplace.

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    1) Please provide a professional communication style.

    My personal professional communication style is an assertive style that emanates the level of self-esteem that I possess. Possessing high-self-esteem illustrates to others that you are confident in your knowledge and skills yet also respectful of others. This is a healthy style of workplace communication because it enables the person to be an effective communicator while refraining from being either too passive or aggressive in their communication. The confidence that is belied by assertiveness is predicated upon not allowing others to push you around but also placing limits on your own communication behaviors so that there will not be any games or manipulative actions on your behalf.

    2) Provide your professional communication strengths.

    The professional communication strengths associated with assertiveness include the ability to achieve your goals without damaging others or limiting yourself. Assertive communicators are able to protect their own interests and rights while also remaining respectful of others ...

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    Workplace communication styles are examined. The expert provides some communication opportunities.