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    Communication in Business:Software, Best Use

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    Research the latest trends of electronic media in the workplace. Write a response considering the following:

    - Select and summarize three specific software products or computer-mediated communication trends. Compare their advantages and disadvantages.
    - Analyze areas for opportunity in your workplace concerning the implementation of specific web conferencing software by answering the following questions:
    - How would implementing new forms of computer-mediated technology affect your organization's communication?
    - As a manager, how might you make computer-mediated communication most effective? Consider any necessary training and costs, the challenge of keeping your staff on task during virtual meetings or webinars, the use of proper etiquette, the effect of computer-mediated communication on team dynamics, and so on.
    - What is the importance of managers selecting the appropriate channel for message distribution in the Information Age?

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    The latest trends of electronic media in the workplace are definitely exciting! We are no longer tethered to our computers and are now able to enjoy the benefits of mobile technology, linking us to our work no matter where we are. More businesses are taking advantage of tablet computing, matching applications to needs, and storing information in "the cloud."

    Organizations can now manage projects better than ever with project management software. Flow (http://www.getflow.com) is a product that allows employees to create tasks, make comments about them, and then "share, delegate, and discuss your tasks with anyone" (Flow, 2013). This allows teams to work together, regardless of their physical proximity, by engaging team members in the project through information management. The software is available for the web, desktop or mobile use. The major benefits include being able to work with a team without waiting for the next meeting to decide the next action to take. With Flow, files, tasks, discussions and deadlines are organized in a central location for all to see and discuss. Deadlines can be set and managed. The obvious benefit of being able to use the software from your phone, tablet, computer, or email encourages more involvement and allows work to progress no matter where the team members are. This software is available for $99.00 a year.

    Another excellent project management tool is Google Docs. While perhaps not as new as other software, it is still a product that deserves to be recognized for its ability to allow information to be disseminated and collaborated ...

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    This detailed solution summarizes three specific software trends, compares their advantages and disadvantages. It also analyzes areas for opportunity for utilizing web conferencing software, and explains how using computer mediated technology would affect organization's communication, how it might be most effect and training and costs that must be considered. It also discusses the importance of using appropriate communication in business. Includes APA formatted references.