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    Communication technologies

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    Describe the characteristics of the following communication technologies:

    Personal email
    company wide email
    phone call
    virtual meeting or web conference
    face to face communication.

    Discuss the pro's and cons of the above.

    Discuss etiquette for managers and staff that need to be considered.

    Each type of communication has its use. Sometimes it is easy and appropriate to have company wide emails. Sometimes it is better to use personal email, teleconference, video conference and it is up to the manager of the workplace to decipher which mode of communication is best and why.

    I also discuss the pros and cons of each mode of communication, and where it is best and worst used.

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    personal email: pros: quick, handy, easy to write several directions and lessons. Cons: emails can be misunderstood because the tone of one's voice and the look of one's face is concealed and can be misunderstood.

    company wide email: pros: good for passing on general information and fast, handy. cons: does not consider individual employee concerns, and hard to understand as much as a personal email.

    phone call: pro: just as fast as an email but with the added advantage of tone of voice and the ability for the receiver of the call to address more immediately.
    cons: body language not seen. the faces are not able to see each other and the expressions that can tell so much: anger, ...

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    This solution covers the use of different technologies in the workplace. I examine and compare the uses of person and company wide email, video conferencing,phone calls, teleconference,virtual meeting or web conference and face to face communication and the best use for each
    face to face communication.