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Virtual Workplace Communication

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Please REWRITE the 2 following paragraphs. I have included the references.

In order to achieve the various goals and targets of the company the management develops teams in the organization (Team Building: 3 Ways to effective team communication, 2009). Effective teams are more potentially capable of attracting venture capital (Jackson & Chen, 2007). The team can be successfully achieved the objective of the project with the help of various communication technologies (Jestice, 2009). Communication enhances the potential of team members to work in a diversified environment. Through communication it can be possible to describe the role and responsibility to each team member (Miller, 2005).

Members of the virtual team are belonged to the different geographical areas and work from their own place (Jestice, 2009). Due to the distance among the team members, it is difficult to implement an effective communication process. Presently, there are various technologies has been innovated which can be used to transmit information at the global level (Jackson & Chen, 2007). Internet technology is most appropriate tool to communication information among team members in a virtual team in the business of e-commerce. Some of the important technologies are e-mail, instant message and chatting, video conferencing, etc. (Jestice, 2009). In the e-mail technology the team members can write the information and send it to the other person within few seconds. With the help of chat the team members can talk in an easy manner and discuses on various issues and problems at any time (Miller, 2005). Video conferencing provide a way to the member to talk face-to-face with each other. They can make decisions by seeing each other and talk with them. It saves both time and money of the organization (Miller, 2005).


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The main objective of building teams is to achieve strategic goals and objectives of the organization. Effective teams utilize numerous communication techniques to achieve project objectives. They are also more capable of raising venture capital for their organization. ...

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Communication in the Virtual Workplace: Rewrite two paragraphs

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