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Technologies Currently in Use by Home Depot

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Can someone discuss with me the two questions below using the attached document?

1· What technologies are currently in use by Home Depot?

2· How does Home Depot manage those technologies?

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Technologies currently in use by Home Depot:

Home Depot has in years been using various technologies to communicate important information to its more than 325,000 employees in 1957 retail stores in various different locations. The technology currently in use in accomplishing this is by use of a business satellite network to broadcast quality programming aimed at achieving this. This Home Depot Television uses various technological applications aimed at harnessing the satellites power to deliver corporate communication, train employees on the company's procedures and products and also inform employees on various strategies adopted in the company. With its internal streaming capabilities, the company is able to use this technology to deliver success stories and news programs (Patton, 2005).

The company also currently uses email technology to complement and strengthen the communication network in the company where the television network is interlinked with senior management emails that made various clips available to them on demand. Home Depot ...

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