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Implementing new technology

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What technology is not currently in use at Home Depot? I need a proposal for management to justify accepting this technology. A brief summary of it works, benefits it will provide, potential negatives. Then how effective a leader can manage the change implementing the new technology?

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//This posting discusses about Home Depot Company and the use of technology at the company. Before discussing anything further, I will first give a brief introduction of the company, for example.//

Home Depot, founded in 1978, is the largest retailer in the world for home improvement and construction products. It has its headquarters in Atlanta, USA and has more than 2000 stores in United States. Home Depot employs around 300,000 associates scattered all across United States and Canada. In Canada, Home Depot has opened more than a hundred stores and employs over 23,000 persons.

//The information on the technology of the organization has been discussed below. Every organization uses technology in its functioning and not all of them use the same technology. They comprise different levels of expenditure on technology and also do research for installing any new technology. Technology is an integral part of any organization in today's scenario of business. It brings an innovation in the way, the key functions are performed and results in savings of cost and time. Below, we have explained about the technology that Home Depot uses. Moreover, the use and importance of this technology has been described.//

Home Depot is constantly interested in improving its technology and is currently using Viewlet technology. This technology helps Home Depot in improving the performance of the support systems. Home Depot uses Viewlet technologies to stay connected with its associates which are thousands in number. Home Depot chose Viewlet technologies for several reasons. Important among them are the user friendliness, short creation time, and instant viewer gratification. Hence it became an obvious choice for the Home Depot.

In the opinion of Mr. Mike Anderson, Vice President of The Home Depot's Information Systems, "To guarantee every associate's proficiency in our management systems we needed a solution that would operate across multiple platforms and operating systems without any proprietary technology or cumbersome implementation. Our associates wanted a flexible support resource they could tap into as needed. Viewlet technology is exactly the kind of solution we were looking for and is making our on-line training infrastructure much more effective."

Hence, he is of the view that Vewlet technology provides a simple implementation program and it is without any proprietary technology. This technology enhances the support system and is very flexible in nature. Viewlet technology squarely fits into the criteria of the support system of Home Depot. Home Depot also plans to make this technology available to all of its associates as an online training device.

//After discussing the relevance of this technology, we come to the point of talking about the benefits of this technology and the advantages that the organization is acquiring from it. //

The use and implementation of this technology is also a milestone achievement for the Viewlet Technology itself. Although the technology is well known in the software and Internet market, the implementation of this technology gives Viewlet Technology a platform to prove that this technology is very flexible and is applicable to every sector. Further, the adoption of Viewlet technology by Home Depot proves that this technology is a mainstream online training resource.

To a manager at Home Depot, the biggest advantage of Viewlet Technology is its being a resourceful on-line training device. It is much more effective than a actual personal training session. After leaving the formal personal training session, associates regularly needed refreshers for specific applications. Viewlet technology being a ...

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