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    Support Strategies in implementing a new Technology

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    What would be some of the support strategies in develping and implementing any new technology.

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    //Before writing about the development and implementation of any new technology, we have to understand the meaning of supporting strategy. We will also discuss the implementation of supporting strategy for moving an organization to the desired level and applying effective decision making concepts.//

    Support Strategies in implementing a new Technology

    A support strategy saves the valuable time cost and gives the competitive edge to the organization. Support strategy means providing assistance and help in the development and implementation of new technology. Strategy is defined as decision making rules for the direction of the company. An organization plans to move from the current position to some desired future state; a strategy is developed to meet the objective. It operates at three levels: corporate level, business level and functional level and an organization need to formulate multiple strategies at different levels.

    //After discussing the importance of supporting strategies for the development and implementation of the new ...

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