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    Implementing a New Technology

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    Based on personal experience, articles located on a University Library, or examples on the Internet, prepare a discussion detailing how a new technology system should be implemented and/or introduced to a company. Include your recommendations as if you were the manager in charge of implementing the new technology. Give your ideas on how the following information should or should not be shared by technical and non-technical staff: (a) project plans, (b) implementation plans, (c) training plans (d) support strategies.

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    mplementing the new technology involves:

    * Creating fits between way things are done & what it takes for effective strategy execution
    * Producing excellent results in timely manner
    * Most important FITS are between strategy AND
    o Organizational capabilities
    o Reward structure
    o Internal support systems
    o Organizational culture

    * Establishing strategy supportive policies & procedures
    * Instituting best practices & mechanisms for continuous improvement
    Project Plan
    The project plan provides a vehicle to facilitate executive and customer review. It should make major assumptions explicit and provide a forum for communicating the planned approach and for obtaining appropriate approvals.
    Plan will comprise:

    1. It will have detail of the projected profitability and cash flows and arrangement of funds.
    2. List of activities to implement with time frame work of the same.
    3. Detail of functional plan.
    4. List of facilities to be created/ outsourced with the name of organizations whose services would be availed. Detail of cost and time frame work along with contingency plan for each activity has to be there in plan.
    5. A precedence and time frame work diagram of all activities with calculation of cost of crashing activities incorporated it have to be prepared for getting over all picture.
    6. A list of Organization with whom partnership to be made and services to be availed will be prepared once we reach implementation stage so that smooth operations can be conducted.
    7. The Standards for various activities of the plan.

    Some of the components will be ...

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