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    Technology Implementation Problem

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    I need assistance in preparing a 1,050 word response detailing how a new technology system (specific, not a general overview: i.e.: rolling out of Window 7, implementing everyone using a Blackberry, changing to MAC OS) should be implemented or introduced to a company. Include your recommendations as if you were the manager in charge of implementing the new technology. Give your ideas on how the following information should or should not be shared by technical and nontechnical staff:

    - Project plans
    - Implementation plans
    - Training plans
    - Support strategies

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    Implementing Technology to an Organization

    Implementing Technology

    Initial Steps

    There are many steps to implementing technology in any organization. The same formula does not always work for all companies. Implementing new technology has to do with change. It is a challenge to implement any new change especially when it deals with technology. There are many different projects that can be initiated when implementing technology changes. They involve hardware, such as minicomputers, mainframes, personal computers, printers, scanners, iPads, and iPhones. Software involves operating systems such as Windows 7 and OS/400 or i5/OS. Other software packages installed for company operations will be discussed. It takes communication, organized thought, discussions, and a lot of testing, testing, testing to implement technology successfully.

    Hardware Installations

    Mainframes, minicomputers, networks, and personal computers all have details and requirements that must be adhered to in implementing them in organizations.


    Implementing a network successfully within an organization requires a great deal of design, research, communication, and most of all, planning. To begin, there are "five core processes" to implement (Shaun Lloyd Hummel, 2006):

    1) Assess and justify the need or requirement
    2) Create a network plan
    3) Implement the network plan
    4) Plan for network extensions or expansions
    5) Plan for after sales technical support and information

    When it comes to a minicomputer, such as an IBM AS/400, analyzing what the uses will be for the system, what will be connected to the system such as personal computers, and how the connectivity will be designed are all part of the beginning plan. Creating the network as a standalone or connected to many main servers can only be determined through surveys, one-on-one meetings with department supervisors and also the employees throughout the organization.
    Expert analysis of what is needed for the organization to function in a progressive manner assists the planning team with what equipment to purchase and what software will facilitate the workers being able to get their work done efficiently.


    Once the hardware is ...

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    This 1375 word solution discusses implementing a network system, what it entails, the hardware and the software that can be involved, and how to be successful in doing this. It includes two references.