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operations management

Introduce implementation challenges in the selected operations management or situation.
Describe these challenges from the perspective of how they may affect the desired outcome for the organization or situation.
Indicate the timeline for meeting these challenges.
Explain briefly how you plan to overcome the implementation challenges.

Identify what resources will be needed to overcome these challenges.
Resources include people, technology, funding, and other physical resources.
Resources also include text references.
Indicate the degree of difficulty of overcoming these challenges poses.

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//Operation management is an essential function in an organization. It needs to be performed effectively in order to achieve a competitive advantage over others. There are various other challenges that need to be faced by the operation manager for successfully performing his task. One of the challenges faced by the operation manager while conducting the operation effectively is related to the implementation of the technology, which has been discussed under the following series//.

Operation management is a very crucial task in an organization as the success of the organization to a larger extent depends upon the effectiveness of the operation management. Operation management implies the production of goods and services in such a manner that maximum productivity is achieved by the use of minimum resources, so that the requirements of the customers can be met in an effective way. This can only be possible using advanced technology in the production process. While performing various activities, the operation manager has to pass through various situations. One such situation is the appropriate implementation of the advanced technology, which is very much essential for the success of the organization.

The basic implementation challenge faced by the operation manager while implementing advanced technology is the support from the employees of the organization. Generally, it has been found in the organization that ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 932 words with references.