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The Role of Operations Management in Dell

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For the company called "Dell":

Prepare a report in which you explain operations management's role in business today. Be sure to include the following:
1) Define operations management
2) Explain how Operations Management's role is applied to your chosen organization

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The response explains operations management in the context of being one of the three major functional pillars of business before outlining its main functions and role in business and then how it contributed to Dell's success. 768 words with 3 references.

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Operations Management

Operations management is one of the three major functional pillars namely finance, marketing and operations management, which supports the management of any business. It is concerned with the production of goods and services and includes the accountability of ensuring that business operations run effectively with the application of as little resources as possible, as well as, meets the customer expectations (Brown et al, 2000). Operations management involves conversion of inputs like material, labor and energy into outputs in the form of goods and services. It works to enhance the content of value-added activities within any given process.

Operations management is that part of business function, which performs the task of planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling the resources, in order to produce goods and services for an organization. It is a management function, which involves managing people, equipment, technology, information and other kinds of resources (Introduction to Operations Management, n.d.). Operations management is considered the central primary function for any company whether it is big or small, deals in physical product or services; or is a profit or non-profit organization.

Every business has an operations management department. As a matter of fact, all the other departments ...

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