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Operations Mgmt. for Managers


Just-in-Time Systems

Consider Dell Computer Corp.

1) How does JIT and Lean processing affect managerial decision-making in that Dell?

2) What are the benefits and difficulties Dell face in implement JIT concepts? If they cannot use JIT, what other practices could be more suitable?

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The expert examines operation management for JIT concepts.

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Please find guidelines and ideas for Just-in-Time Inventory Management in the attached file.

Running Head: Just-in-Time

Just-in-Time Inventory Management

Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
Introduction 3
Ans. 1: JIT and Lean processing affect managerial decision-making in Dell 3
Ans. 2: Benefits and Difficulties Dell Face in Implementing JIT Concepts 4
Benefits: 4
Difficulties: 5
Another Inventory Control Model for Dell: 5
Conclusion 6
References 7

Just-in-time is an inventory management strategy. It is a production and inventory control system that is used for the purchasing of material and produces the units to meet the actual customer demand. This helps the company to reduce the inventory as well as wastage and increase the revenue. This paper discusses about the just-in-time inventory control strategy use by Dell and how does it affect the managerial decisions in Dell. This paper will also discuss the benefits and problems face by the Dell in implement JIT strategy.
Ans. 1: JIT and Lean processing affect managerial decision-making in Dell

Just-in-time is an inventory management strategy that is aimed to monitor the inventory process in order to minimize the cost of the inventory control and maintenance. Just-in-time provides the needs to the firm at the exact movement that they are needed. Dell widely uses this strategy for manufacturing the computers for the customers and become the market leader. JIT helps the company to reduce the cost and increasing the value of the product. JIT and lean processing affect the managerial decision making process by redeveloping the layout of manufacturing facilities. By this, Dell computer's is able to reduce its cost of inventories. By this, dell computer can be able to achieve the batch size, set-up time and lower safety time in manufacturing the product (Jackson, Sawyers & Jenkins, ...

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