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    Operations and supply chain management

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    The concepts is:

    -Operations Management as a component of a firm's strategic planning and performance.

    Find a current news article that focuses upon this concept at your choice of sites on the internet. Do not use Wikopedia.

    You'll find one (or several articles) to analyze. Remember to focus upon this concept in your analysis. Explain how and why this concept is used and how it is necessary for this company to succeed.

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    When discussing operations management as a component of a firm's strategic planning and performance, I have chosen to analyze 'Manufacturing Operations Management: Lessons from Dell', available at: http://www.manufacturing.net/articles/2012/07/manufacturing-operations-management-lessons-from-dell

    Operations management is a component of management concerned with businesses becoming more efficient through the control of their processes, goods, services, and other resources. The main concern is to ensure that as few resources are utilized in order to deliver the organization's short and long-term goals.

    To better understand this concept, let's analyze ...

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    Operations and supply chain management is examined. The current news articles that focuses upon this concept is determined.