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Purchasing and Supply Management in Organizations

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Need help with an evaluation of the various organizations that are benchmarks in purchasing and supply management, and their best practices. Provide specific examples of companies who show market leadership in purchasing and supply management.

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The first organization that I would like to select is Walmart. Walmart is able to sustain its low cost leadership in the retail industry due to its highly efficient supply chain operations. One of the best practices that Walmart pursues in its supply chain is sharing of retail point of sale operations related data, forecasts, etc. with its suppliers. The ...

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Organizational Change in Supply Towards Decentralization

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This assignment requires to critically analyze literature relevant to Supply Management and produce a critical review/evaluation in a poster presentation.

The poster presentation should include the following components: 1) a concise summary of key ideas/arguments in the assigned journal article; and 2) the student's critical thoughts on some of the key issues together with analysis on the issues. The student is required to question and challenge implicit assumptions and logic/reasoning explicit in the journal article as well as any discernable shortcomings of the study reported in the article while acknowledging the paper's contribution. The students are also encouraged to engage in varied thinking about the paper's topic, i.e. wearing different "thinking hats", e.g. Support, Neutral and Refute.

It is also important to be creative in the poster presentation, i.e. use color / graphics as you see fit and remember that the poster should be eye-catching/attention grabbing.

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