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    External/Internal Factors of Dell

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    How does 1) Globalization 2) Technology 3) Innovation 4)Diversity and 5) Ethics impact the functions of management (e.g. planning, organizing, leading and controlling) at DELL. Please include specific examples for EACH (1-5).

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    External/Internal Factors of Dell

    How does 1) Globalization 2) Technology 3) Innovation 4)Diversity and 5) Ethics impact the functions of management (e.g. planning, organizing, leading and controlling) at DELL. Please include specific examples for EACH (1-5).

    Management is a science of creative problem solving. A manager is a person who makes the appropriate decisions and is responsible for running the show smoothly in an organization. The creative problem solving helps him accomplish the 4 functions of management namely Planning, Organizing, leading and Control. Let us discuss the case of Dell:
    Michael Dell founded Dell Computer Corporation in 1984 with a simple vision and business concept - that personal computers can be built to order and sold directly to consumers. Dell's principal products include desktop PCs, notebook computers, workstations, and servers. Its products and services are sold in more than 140 countries. Dell Direct Model focused on two aspects: (i) by passing distributors and retail dealers eliminated the markups of resellers, and (ii) building to order greatly reduced the costs and risks associated with carrying large stocks of parts, components and finished goods. This model has proved successful as now Dell is one of the largest computer companies in the world.
    Vision or Core elements of the Soul of Dell:

    "Customers: We believe in creating loyal customers by providing a superior experience at a great value. We are committed to direct relationships, providing the best products and services based on standards-based technology, and outperforming the competition with value and a superior customer experience.

    The Dell Team: We believe our continued success lies in teamwork and the opportunity each team member has to learn, develop and grow. We are committed to being a meritocracy, and to developing, retaining and attracting the best people, reflective of our worldwide marketplace.

    Direct Relationships: We believe in being direct in all we do. We are committed to behaving ethically; responding to customer needs in a timely and reasonable manner; fostering open communications and building effective relationships with customers, partners, suppliers and each other; and operating without inefficient hierarchy and bureaucracy.

    Global Citizenship: We believe in participating responsibly in the global marketplace. We are committed to understanding and respecting the laws, values and cultures wherever we do business; profitably growing in all markets; promoting a healthy business climate globally; and contributing positively in every community we call home, both personally and organizationally.

    Winning: We have a passion for winning in everything we do. We are committed to operational excellence, superior customer experience, leading in the global markets we serve, being known as a great company and great place to work, and providing superior shareholder value over time."


    Mission Statement
    Dell's mission statement: To be the most successful computer company in the world at delivering the best customer experience in the markets we serve and providing special service and support to the markets that are highly differentiated on terms of cultural and demographic basis.

    Impact of Globalization on the functions of Management
    Now due to Globalization the companies are operating in the world economy as a single economy. This is good for the consumers as it promotes the most efficient and cost-effective use of resources. The market encourages productivity and efficiency gains from specialization, it builds economies of scale, it improves efficiency because of greater competition. Globalization is as powerful a force as democracy is. The parallels are obvious. Like democracy spelt equality and increased levels of accountability in society, globalization will create uniformity in customer expectations the world over. This will force ...

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    External and Internal factors of dell are examined. Specific examples of each are given.