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    Apple's Internal Factors

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    Identify and discuss at four internal factors that are affecting Apple's performance. Then, using the Apple website and scholarly articles, find at least four sources that inform an inquiry into what occurred within the organization subsequent to those factors. Refer to Chapter 12 for information and tips on organizational analysis. Provide a summary of your findings in an 800-1200 word paper following Saudi Electronic university academic writing standards and APA guidelines.

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    (The following are NOTES taken from a variety of sources. You can use them or not, in APA format - https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/. After these notes, there is a first draft of possible answers to your questions, with references.)


    What Are Internal Factors That Affect Businesses?
    Internal factors that affect a business are the employees, the environment and how the work is going within the company. If things are going well, then the business is going well. If not, they are going bad.

    Inner factors that can be the subject of analysis include the personality, orientation and attitudes of relevant innovation decision makers (owners/managers)

    Nebojša Zaki, Ana Jovanovi, Milan Stamatovi. "EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL FACTORS АFFЕCTING THE PRODUCT AND BUSINESS PROCESS INNOVATION."(2008) FACTA UNIVERSITATIS Series:Economics and Organization. Belgrade, Serbia. Vol. 5, No 1, 2008, pp. 17 - 29
    Organizational Direction

    The role of company leadership is an important internal business factor. Your leadership style and the styles of other company management impact organizational culture. The positive or negative nature, level of family-friendliness, effectiveness of communication and value of employees are cultural implications that result from leadership approaches. Companies often provide formal structure or direction with mission and vision statements. These are forward-looking statements that provide the business for company decisions and activities.
    Other Internal Factors

    The strength of your employees is another crucial internal business factor. Motivated, hard-working and talented workers generally produce better results than unmotivated, less-talented employees. Your business processes and relationships within and between departments and employees also significantly impact business effectiveness and efficiency. In a high-performing workplace, employees not only have talent, but they work well together and collaborate on ideas and resolutions.

    Legal Risks

    Changes in tax laws and industry regulations can eat into small businesses' profit margins. Companies might find themselves unable to meet debt obligations due to large unforeseen expenses, such as the mandatory installation of new safety systems or a hefty tax on carbon emissions. New laws can even push companies out of business entirely, such as when popular pharmaceuticals or food products are banned by a government authority. In the case of regulatory and tax changes, keeping enough cash on hand to cover unforeseen obligations and remaining aware of expected tax changes can help reduce the risk of default. In the case of banned products, companies must be adaptable enough to change products or business models quickly to ...

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    This is a summary of an analysis of Apple's positive and negative internal factors, and what Apple has done about them to improve the organization's position in the technology market.