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Critical Success Factors for Competition

Dell, HP, IBM, and Microsoft are competitors of Apple. I have identified the following critical success factors upon which a comparison of Apple's competitors is based on.

Market Share
Price Competitiveness
Financial Position
Product Quality
Consumer Loyalty
Product Innovation

Explain why the factors are critical to competition. From the above factors explain if Apple is higher or lower than its competitors.

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Market Share: Marker share is an important measure of success of the strategy of a company and presents a clear picture about the competitive landscape in an industry. Apple's market is quite high in segments like MP3 player and digital music download as compared to other players. However, in computing industry, the market share of Apple is quite low as compared to more popular players like Microsoft. This is primarily due to the fact that user base of Macintosh is quite low to Windows and hence, Microsoft, IBM, etc. excel in this market.

Price Competitiveness: Apple's products are on the higher end of ...

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Critical Success Factors for Competition