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    New Products, Customers, and Markets

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    The home page of this module identifies several measures of the learning perspective, such as:
    - Real time availability of accurate customer and internal process information to front line employees
    - Ability to launch new products
    - Ability to create more value for customers
    - Ability to penetrate new markets
    - Alignment of employee incentives with overall organization success factors
    - Rate of improvement in critical customer-based and internal processes

    Identify one specific example of a measure of learning and growth measure that you feel could be critical to an organization, but difficult to measure.

    can you provide some or any feedback on the above information and can you also provide and refe plesae?

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    // The measures of learning and growth perspective of an organization are very important. We will try to understand the measures that determine the core competency of an organization in the long term along with identifying the most critical measure. This helps in knowing the contribution of these measures to an organization.//

    The drivers that set the goals for finance, marketing, HR, operations and other functions are the measures of learning perspective, and the overall performance of the organization. Researchers have found when organizations perform on the basis of short term financial objectives, it becomes difficult to perform and allocate investments, so that the performance is improved.

    Basically, the learning and growth ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 477 words with references.