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Strategic analysis

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Porter's five forces analysis of the pharma industry (high level) (3 main markets: USA,EU & Japan) and SWOT analysis

Porter's five forces analysis of the biotech industry (high level) (3 main markets: USA,EU & Japan) and SWOT analysis

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//Before writing about the Porter's five forces analysis of the biotech industry, we will analyze the importance of Porter's five forces analysis and SWOT analysis. Then, we will write about the five force analysis of pharma industry and SWOT analysis of pharma industry. It will assist in analyzing the internal as well as external environmental analysis of pharma industry in USA, EU and Japan. //


Under strategic analysis, the market conditions of a particular industry are analyzed. Strategic analysis covers both five forces analysis and SWOT analysis of a particular industry. The pharma industry and the biotech industry both are popular in USA, EU and Japan. In five forces we consider, threats of new entrants, bargaining power of customers and suppliers, threats from substitutes, rivalry and jockeying for position among current players while in SWOT analysis, strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of a particular industry are analyzed.

Five Force Analysis of Pharma Industry

The pharma industry of USA, works at global level. These pharma industries are engaged in significant business practices in most of the famous countries of the world by marketing pharma products at worldwide. Due to dramatic changes in the pharmaceutical market of USA these industries have to face some forces in the market. In USA the drug expenditures are increasing continuously. They are increasing at the rate of 15% per year. Due to this the company has to face problem in the supply of pharma products as well as bargaining powers of the buyers. The buyers continuously bargain for the products, while the pharma companies are not able to fulfill their demand due to high burden of cost and expenditure. It has to face bargaining power of suppliers (Research and Markets: Analyze the American Pharmaceutical Industry through Porter's Five Forces, 2007).

The most attractive field for the potential new entrants in US is pharma industries. Several new pharma companies are entering in US pharmaceutical markets. US market is a vast market for the pharma companies. Due to the entrance of the new pharma companies, the current pharma companies of US are having threat of substitute products and hospital services.

In Japanese pharma market ...

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