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International Marketing

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Tesco Studies Hard for U.S. Debut

1. How is Tesco adapting to US supermarket customers?

2. What is your opinion of Mr. Leahy's tips for expanding abroad?

3. What can Wal-Mart learn from Tesco?

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New product development for international markets requires taking into account variations across markets in factors such as customer needs, conditions of use and ability to buy. Understanding the stages of new product adoption and diffusion is helpful to planning international new product introduction. Platform based product development is an efficient way to developing a range of products for a variety of markets while keeping costs and time to market under control. International market research can help focus new product development decisions, helping answer questions such as which products are appropriate for which international markets. Studying some examples of international market research can help in determining how to shape such studies and how to ask relevant questions.

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1. How is Tesco adapting to US supermarket customers?

Tesco is adapting to the US market in a number of ways. Here are many examples. They have their customers buy from them all in one place, instead of the American way in which not every store has everything a person is looking for at any given time. Their store is built inside of a warehouse. The company also borrowed products from other retailers, and told others that it was a movie, which helped them to bring in business immediately. Tesco is proud of their tortilla and their wine products. Management chose going small instead of big because of they located themselves in a convenience sector, which made business grow. This organization actually takes the time to listen to their customers, whereas every ...

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This solution provided examples of how Tesco can expand abroad, and what Wal-Mart can learn from them.

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