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Kudler Fine Foods has chosen two countries in which to market their product which is organic produce. Both Mexico and Guatemala provide Kudler the opportunity to break into a new market and the opportunity for growth in reaching new customers. The trend with organic vegetables has reached a high from its consumers and the demand is increasing. Orgainc produce may be more expensive then chemically treated vegetables, but they are healthier and making their way through the market with increasing popularity. With Mexico and Guatemala as the two countries that Kudler is intergrating their product into, they can maintain lower cost, and also market their product to a new market.

Evaluate an advertising and promotion program for Kudlers Fine Foods, which is a specialty food chain.

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Evaluate an advertising and promotion program for Kudlers Fine Foods

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Advertising Campaign:

The advertising campaign for Kudler's products should not only focus on popularizing the brand image of the company in these newer markets, but also focus on communicating the "value proposition" of Kudler's products to the target customers. As we know that organic products are costlier than regular products, consumers in these countries should become aware of the health benefits of consuming organic products because they will be willing to pay more money for organic products only after realizing its health benefits and superiority as compared to regular products. Kudler will need to utilize both traditional as well as new media channels such as web and mobile to popularize its products. It will also ...

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