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    Critical Success Factors of IBM

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    Implement a new strategic plan in relation to the IBM corporation and identify 5 Critical Success Factors for implementing this plan.

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    Also, I included an analysis of Gateway, Dell and Apple for you to compare by since they are similar companies.

    Just exactly what is Strategic Planning?

    The term "strategic planning" refers to a coordinated and systematic process for developing a plan for the overall course and direction of the endeavor or enterprise for the purpose of optimizing future potential. For a profit-making business this will involve questions as to "what shall we sell", "to whom shall we sell it" and "how shall we beat or avoid competition". It may well involve other questions, such as; ownership and capital structure. The central purpose of this process is to ensure that the course and ...

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    This solution defines strategic planning, details the steps of the process and discusses the benefits of it. It also identifies five critical success factors in the plan and supplies an analysis of Gateway, Dell and Apple along with IBM for comparison.