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    How do you use PESTLE and SWOT?

    What is Saudi Arabia's PESTLE Position?

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    In any business aiming for success certain internal and external data is required to determine the actual strategy in implementing the business operations. PESTEL is a strategic marketing analysis technique outlining external factors for identifying elements present within the targeted marketplace. SWOT is an analysis method for strategic planning for appropriate approaches once the evaluation of data is completed, in order, for important business venture decisions is to be made.

    PESTLE has 6 categories that determine the conditions within the targeted marketplace overall position for entering the business market. The six categories are as follow:

    Political Factors - what is likely to impact the business industry political? For example, does the market country have a growing economy or illustrate the supportive (laws / regulations) for supporting the type of business, i.e. low taxes or tariffs, etc. ...

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    The development of SWOT and PESTLE for succeeding within an international business entreprise for a strong position in Saudia Arabia.