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    some question about the MUJI brand

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    Could any one can help me with the marketing environment question (including the reference and citation) please?

    analyse the marketing environment for MUJI, analyse the microenvironment and the macroenvironment for MUJI
    provide a brief description of the main environmental factors that are important to understanding the market position of MUJI.
    PESTLE and SWOT analysis( critically analyse the most relevant of these factors)
    and discuss which environmental factors are likely to be most significant in the future

    Thanks a lot:)

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    analyse the marketing environment for MUJI, analyse the microenvironment and the macroenvironment for MUJI

    In reference to Muji, which is a Japanese company that is an international brand, it's marketing environment is predicated upon utilizing a brand approach that is placated upon the sale of mild quality-essential products that enable consumers to maintain a simple but certain level lifestyle. It's target market consists of consumers in their 20s and 30s, consumers who support Muji's environmental friendly stance, and consumers who refrain from seeking products based solely off name brands or other frivolous monikers. The market for Muji is characterized by consumers to who are satisfied with the bare necessity rather than those who pursue brands for the sake of vanity and desires.

    In essence, Muji has transcended to become a life trend since its inception, and now customers are able to purchase and obtain products ranging from food to apparel to home equipment in its stores as well as online. It's main niche within the marketplace is contingent upon the fervent focus on quality wherein the company has established itself as a leader in the Japanese market for providing quality products for affordable prices while also continuously improving and refining their product performance.

    Muji has devised different market strategies in accordance to their specific markets that they operate in. In their international market position, the company uses the concept of 'Product extension and Marketing Adaptation" while in their own domestic (Japan) ...

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