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Joint Venture

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Joint Venture
Write a paper that addresses the following:
â?¢ Research, describe, and analyze a company that recently developed a joint venture.
â?¢ Evaluate the decision to pursue a joint venture was the right strategic decision in giving the firm a competitive advantage.
You are required to use at least two outside resources to support your paper.

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One company that has recently developed a joint venture is Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is an American multinational retailer that runs a chain of discount stores and warehouse stores. It is the company with the largest revenue in the world. The company employs 2 million people all over the world. Currently, it has more than 8,400 stores in 15 countries. Currently, the company has the mission of growing and increasing its operations globally. For this reason it enters into joint ventures. These joint ventures give it a competitive advantage (Wal-Mart Stores, Inc2011),.

The joint venture that we consider is the joint venture Wal-Mart entered into with Seiyu in 2002. The Seiyu GK is a group of supermarkets located in Japan. In addition, the company also has shopping centers. The company has its head office in Akabane, Tokyo. Seiyu was a group company of Seibu Railway. The company had a ...

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