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    MUJI Marketing segmentation

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    Hi, I am now doing a marketing analysis about the brand MUJI . For the marketing segmentation of MUJI, I have find out it could be show on two aspects, the demographic and psychographic.
    Demographic: Consumer in the ages of 20s and 30s

    However, the problem is to evaluate the approach taken to segmentation for MUJI (critical analysis for these approaches ) Find out alternative methods of segmentation that might be worthwhile(in this question, is there any possible that muji use behavioural segmentation?). And argument should supported by academic literature. Aim for 500 words

    Please do not just copy and paste the information from the website.....
    Please also provide the reference and the citation

    Thank you so much .:)

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    MUJI Marketing Segmentation
    Muji focuses on lifestyle of people and basis the market on demographics and psychographics of population. Under demographics, consumers in the 20-30 years age bracket are targeted. In psychographic segment Muji targets three categories of customers: ("Value proposition and...", 2013)
    • Customers who want to spend less and want no-frills products
    • Customers who are satisfied with just minimum that is necessary rather than those who want to buy brands for sake of desires
    • People who satisfy Muji's environment friendly stance
    Behavioral segmentation utilizes behavior of people, i.e. how people respond to, use, or know a product. To use this type of segmentation the company would need to understand the factors which consumer takes into consideration before making a decision. The aim of customer behavior researches is on one hand ...

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    Analysis of behavioral segmentation as applicable to Muji is provided.