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Environmental Factors Effecting Marketing in China

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Describe China's environmental factors that affect marketing. Also describe why China would be a good country to do trade with.

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This solution discusses some of the environmental factors that affect marketing in China.

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Environmental factors
In the global era, it is important for the firms to analyze environmental factor to adopt effective marketing strategies and tools. Following are the environmental factors that affect marketing:
Macro Environmental factors:
Political: Political environment is stable and bureaucratic approach is followed in China that sustains the growth of the firm in China. For high competition and foreign investment, China is open market that also affects the marketing. Additionally, one party communist party system is followed in China affects marketing (The World FactBook, 2011).
Economical: China is developing country and directions for the transition are offered by the government of China under the economic policies. High GDP and effective economic condition of China affects marketing in positive manner (PESTLE Analysis, 2003).
Social: In this, values, beliefs, norms and attitude of customer of China affect marketing in the form of having impact over the advertising, pricing strategies, promotional tools, etc.
Technological: Advanced technical environment ...

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