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    Learning about applications of PEST, Porter’s 5 , SWOT

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    This is for a threaded discussion- need only be a few paragraphs in length (2-3). See below for more details on topic:

    "As a business student you have likely spent some time learning about applications of PEST (and/or PESTEL), Porter's 5 forces, and SWOT analysis over the years. These are useful tools for understanding the environment in which a given organization might find itself embedded. SWOT analysis is useful for understanding the organization itself on a more micro-level scale.

    Discuss to what degree you believe these tools are actually useful for different sized businesses. For instance, what should a mom and pop computer repair store consider doing in the area of strategic analysis? What about a medium sized retailer?

    What about a family? Is there an optimal organizational size for applying these tools? Give some evidence to support your key points."

    Please list references. Thank you.

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    // Strategic management is considered as the continuous analysis, planning, assessment and monitoring of all the factors required by an organization to attain its goals and objectives. For this purpose, organizations undertake tools such as PESTLE, Porter's
    Five Force model and SWOT analysis to conduct environmental scanning. In context to this, the section below focuses on the need for conducting business analysis with the help of the above-mentioned methods.//

    The need for conducting business analysis with the help of tools such as PESTLE, SWOT and Porter's Five Force model has increased in the present scenario. These models help in conducting the ...

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    The solution examines learning about applications of PEST, Porter's 5, and SWOT. The response addresses the query posted in 418 words with APA References.