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PEST analysis and SWOT analysis for a scan it and shop device

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Please do a PEST and SWOT analysis of a scan it and shop device as a new product.

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This solution provides examples and templates of a SWOT and PEST analysis.

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porters five forces, swot and viro anaylsis

1) Apply Porter's five forces to the industry
2) Apply Porter's Diamond Model to Sh-Boom's geographic market (Massena New York; saint Lawrence County " New York
3) Construct a SWOT analysis of the firm (Sh-Booms Restaurant and night club)
4) Looking at the environmental constraints and the mission and vision of the Sh-Boom firm and the SWOT- what appears to Sh-Boom's current over arching strategy sometimes called their generic strategy (Porter is one such framework, Miles and Snow another)) - create a TOWS matrix to illustrate the above information.

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