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IPOD internal and external factors

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External and Internal Influences Paper

Using the product Ipod, prepare a paper in which you analyze the impact of external and internal influences on consumer behavior and marketing strategies.

- Identify environmental factors that may influence consumer perception of the marketing message associated with your selected product or service.

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Like any other product on the market, there are various types of products manufactured by various companies. An example is televisions. There is more than one brand of televisions on the market and each has different qualities, features and pricing. The situation is the same in relation to MP3 players.

Internal Factors
The Ipod is a "specific" type of MP3 player. The Ipod is manufactured by Apple Computers and has specific features. One key feature with the Ipod is that when a consumer purchases the item, the consumer is not just purchasing a product; the consumer is purchasing a brand. The Ipod can only download songs and videos from its own service, ...

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The solution discusses the internal and external factors of the IPOD and Apple Computers in relation to consumer behavior