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    Strategic Management: Strategic Choices of Apple

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    Coming from an integrative perspective, examine Apple's success/failure.

    How good is Apple's strategy? How well does it work?

    How has Apple seized external opportunities and dealt with threats by leveraging its strength?

    How has Apple's weaknesses aggravated threats and resulted in them not taking advantage of opportunities?

    How has Apple reached its mission and vision by taking care of exogenous threats and external opportunities?

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    Apple Computers-Integrative Perspective

    Seizing External Opportunities and Handling Outside Threats

    Apple Computers is a strong company which is known for its innovation and quality products. The company has succeeded in an industry where it has a small share of the market-the microcomputer industry. It has established itself as both as a hardware company as well as content provider. It has been Job's willingness to seize new opportunities and take the road less traveled that has enabled the company to stay ahead of its competition for a long time. The company introduced new products in the market like iPhones, Macbooks, iPod Touch, and iPod Nano which propelled the company to top of the industry. Apple has been able to redefine how the world listens to music through its iPod iTunes concept. This success has been possible not just because of product innovation but also from its ability to define a workable business model, ...

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    This solution is provided in about 625 words with one reference, discussing how Apple Computers has succeeded through seizing external opportunities and handling outside threats. It also discusses Apple's weakness and how these have exacerbated threats as well as the idea of Apple reaching its mission and vision.