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    Strategic Marketing Article

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    Locate an article that discusses strategic marketing and market-driven strategies within organizations. This could include corporate, business, and marketing strategies and/or the analysis of product markets, end-users, competition, or market size.
    1. Explain how the article examines a market-driven strategy and address how it affects the marketing within an organization and, ultimately, the marketing plan.
    2. Describe how these forces of change will affect the strategic marketing function.
    3. Explain how effective segmentation, targeting, and positioning will impact strategic marketing.
    4. Describe additional learning from this article as it applies to effective strategic marketing.

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    The article is a Wall Street Journal article named "Apple's Share of Smartphone Industry's Profits Soars to 92%" retrieved from: http://www.wsj.com/articles/apples-share-of-smartphone-industrys-profits-soars-to-92-1436727458
    The article examines the market strategy of Apple's IPhone and why the strategy has been able to get it 92% of the industry's profits.

    1. The article examines the market-driven strategy of iPhone by identifying the reasons why iPhone strategy has been successful in earning the highest profits in the industry. The iPhone uses Apple's operating system whereas the competitors use the android system. This enables Apple to differentiate its products. Further, the large screen iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus have also helped Apple differentiate its products. The strategy of iPhone that affects the marketing within the organization is that Apple continuously seeks to innovate and ...

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