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Healthcare Marketing & Effective Communication

What is the role of healthcare marketing in an HCO's strategic planning process? Provide an example. Be sure to identify and discuss basic marketing elements. Be sure to discuss why effective communication is paramount in getting the right message across.

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This solution discusses principles that are direct and are part of the overall business plan, including the marketing strategy of HCOs (see full article attached for convenience). These principles must be the foundation for all marketing strategies and clearly communicated to the customers in a respectful and non-threatening way because marketing the HCOs product/service depends on the customer’s reaction to the marketing strategies. Capacity and supply mean nothing without the demand for the product/service and this means that effective communication of the information about the product and demonstration of the product/service (face-to-face respect, information, etc.) is the means to the customer (to increase demand for the product). Likewise, collaboration (communication strategies and alliances demand effective communication and respect) between HCOs is paramount.