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Creative Use of Emotional Appeals

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One of the ethical questions regarding healthcare marketing is the use of emotional appeals. Give and discuss how emotional appeal may or may not work in marketing, please provide examples.

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Marketing communications aim at getting the desired response from the audience, particularly the target buyers. To achieve this objective, the company must make effective decisions on: What to say (message strategy), How to say it (creative strategy), and who should say it (message source).

In the message strategy, the management searches for ideas that will achieve both product and brand positioning. These ideas may be related to product performance, product quality, economy, and value of the brand (Kotler and Keller, 2006).

Creative strategy is basically a decision on how to portray the message. According to Kotler, creative strategies are how the marketers translate the message into specific communication. There are two categories of creative strategy - informational appeal and transformational ...

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The creative use of emotional appeals are determined.